Waiting for the new home

My mini blog or let´s say random life captures summarized on one webpage, consists mostly of running and travels. During last years I documented memories from travels and sport activities. But the time goes on and one big life milestone is approaching. Bulding a new home. As this "mission" of building a new home is so exciting and amazing for me, I decided to dedicate one section here on blog, named Home & Garden and record our new journey.
New home view

Garden path
Gardening and flower growing is my favourite hobby for many years already and somehow is all the time natural part of my living. Especially growing Roses, Lavenders and Orchids. So probably one special post about my country garden comes during the summer.
Beautiful neighbourhood
Language? I will continue writing mostly in English, to keep the track of blog. Maybe sometimes I will use Czech/English version.
First visits and interion planning
That´s the first visit into the new interior. Fresh, clean, stylish lines. No distraction, so simple. Wooden floor is completed, doors and bathrooms as well. And those balconies! Just waiting for flowers in pots and a new balcony composter. Will be very practical, beautiful and environmentally friendly. 
But we still have to wait... last two years seems like never ending waiting story.
Love this wooden floor with amazing design 

The best journey
takes you home ❤