First weeks in a new home

Finally we are here. Moved in one month ago, after 2 years of waiting. Brand new home, brand new location, just like a starting line. One long challenging journey is over, this new one is much more happier and full of plans. 
Snow white kitchen
Thanks to this experience I found out how very important is comfortable suitable living. As we spent one year in a rented place knowing it is just an "interchange station", for me it was not pleasant feeling at all. But from the other side I´m thankfull I learnt so much! Mostly that I prefer moving things forward instead of waiting. The need to be settled down in my private life to keep all the other life steps in motion. And mostly that it is so important to listen to your inner feelings and what is your body telling you. Not only in sports, but also in a normal daily life. So following these rules there is a new place to live, new places to explore, new sport hobbies, meeting friends we did not have a chance to see for such a long time and last but not least hopefully getting a new job soon.
Living room reading corner
BUT back to our new place. After this waiting period, we have done it. When there was the first possible timing available, we moved in really fast and started to settle the place right from the basics. White walls and empty rooms. We spent this beautiful rush period painting, installing and matching the best colours with the best places for furniture. Because I had already specific design style on my mind I just tried to follow the basics of feng shui principles together with comfortable and cozy styling.
Colours for bedrooms
The apartment is now just large enough for family, not too big either not small, just to be satisfied with the space and not necessary to spend too much time cleaning. Because I love clean and tidy house.

Enjoying the space, balconies with amazing view, beautiful neighborhood. Not far from the city but still very close to the nature. For us living dreams come true. It´s just so perfect to leave all the stress and troubles back in the city when approaching our hill. Very new, very refreshing. From now on I will be happy to share our interior ideas and inspirations as well as I get the inspiration from other blogs and home designs. I think it is the best to design home from your heart and with your own passion. Then it really feels like home.

"An interior is the natural 
projection of the soul."
Coco Chanel