Summer running 2016

Running in the country or through the city? Seeing and enjoying the early morning street views when the city still sleeps or listening to the birds and feeling the cool wind while running during the hot summer day in the fields? Do you prefer to meet other runners, wave, smile and be a part of the city runners community or is it just you, your running shoes and the nature around? 
Running the city
For me this summer is just so great to compare both. First I thought not travelling abroad and spending time by the sea side would mean the summer is not complete but actually it turned out much differently. Because of a lot of local travels I run even more often in a different places. City runs with easy surface, city runs more hilly, country road runs, country trails. Some of them are good going other more challenging. When I run three times in the country start to look forward to the city "sightseeing" runs and opposite. Running few times alone next time I enjoy very much our AdventniBehani team run! Variety and possibility to choose. That is what I love about city x country running the most. What is your preference?
Running the fields
This Saturday is another challenging but beautiful race Běhej lesy Brdy where I hope my favourite Salomon shoes will support me the same as at Běhej lesy Karlštějn 
Actually talking shortly about sport brands I fell in love with Under Armour sport cloths, Nike and suprisingly some Tchibo sport cloths could work nicely as well but my feet stay faithfull to Salomon shoes.
Running the roads
Dear friends, enjoy your summer! Have a beautiful runs and also time to relax. And one very motivational quote.....
You don´t get the ass you want
by sitting on it! :-)
(actually works for me :-) :-) )
Happy runner :-)
And some work out with a trainer :-)