My First Half Marathon/Prague 2016

One year and half since my first run. There I realized running is not so bad idea for being healthy, fit and strong. Keeping my mind fresh and solving many challenges some days can bring. As I mentioned few times, it was 3 km as the first milestone I was dealing with! Then came 5km and later 10km, small races, bigger races and regular running until I decided to go for this crazy idea, to run half marathon. 
In the starting corridor
Here we are. April 2nd, 2016, sunny, beautiful Saturday morning. Fresh air, temperature around 8 degrees of Celsius. Standing in the corridor H with the big goal to finish the race. Would be more than happy with any time below 2:30 minutes. As it is the first time I have no idea, what could happen. Meeting friends, being on starting line with colleagues when we also want to support with our running children in need. Planning a lot of amazing and inspiring activities in the future. The world is just perfect and we are nervous and excited at once.
Photo PIM
Start, so emotional. Almost 12 thousand people surrounded by amazing symphonic poem Vltava  began walking  when walk changed into slow running. Then... we reached the starting point and International Prague Half Marathon 2016 begun.
Photo PIM
We ran. I tried to keep my pace in usual rhytm, but the crowd influenced the speed. I realized I go too fast, actually I had a pace usually kept for 5km running and I knew it would not be possible to keep it longer. So I slowed down. After one hour I was at the 10th kilometer. Happy with the timing and the energy was stil high. This was a moment when Barča from barborkaontherun joined me to be my sparing partner, coach and time keeper.
We continued running together, she increased my pace and it felt really great to have such a support next to me! It was a longer straight track by the river when I started to feel tired. And at the 15th kilometer the crisis started. I felt my legs to be heavy and fast loss of energy. Barča was helping me as she was choosing the best road and carrying water but I just needed some walking breaks. 
Last 100 meters
Between 15 and 19 kilometer I felt I will never finish the race but pushed the legs to keep going. We had a huge support at 18th kilometer when Babet  was cheerleeding in such a enthusiastic way, I had to keep running 

Last two kilometers were hard, we met group heading for finish time 2:10 but I had no energy to join them so let them run faster and continued in slower pace. Turn left, bridge, final meters, thousands of fans in the finish area, turn left, blue carpet, finish! 
Catching my breath, big hug with Barča and walking throught the finishers´ corridor. Medal, heating foil, water, meeting friends, colleagues, family! We have done it! My time 2:13:54 much less I expected but of course nothing special for experienced runners. But I´m completely satisfied :-)

Would I go againg? Don´t know yet. Amazing experience, wonderful atmosphere, perfect organisation. I´m enjoying my 10km runs, but maybe.... we´ll see!

Real time 2:13:54
The body achieves
what the mind believes